Savvy Giftcards Java SDK

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Connect to the Savvy Gift Card API the easy way.

Kedos' Savvy Gift Card Java SDK allows you to use a modern, clean API, and focus on the functionality of your application or website rather than wasting time on obscure integration issues.  

The Gift Card API allows you to integrate with Savvy in minutes rather than weeks.  

Integration is as simple as populating a request POJO and firing it off.

Get started in a single line:

DefaultSavvyResponse response = new BalanceNoPINOperation()
                    .doAction(accountDetails, new BalanceNoPINRequest("test-request-1", "4123456789123"));;

The following operations are supported:

  • BalanceNoPIN
  • BalanceTransfer
  • BulkActivateVirtualCards
  • InitialiseVirtualCard
  • PayForGoodAA
  • RefundAA
  • Reverse
  • SetCardAsLostOrStolen
  • TopUpAA

The SDK is stored in our private Maven repository, which you will be given access to upon purchase. Credentials will be sent to the email address you enter during checkout.

Now featuring HTTPS endpoint support and authenticated HTTP proxy support.

Requires Java 8. Maven and Gradle are supported for dependency management, or you can include a JAR file directly. Spring Framework 4 and 5 are supported.

For more details, please contact us.

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